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Voyager school was established on 04/01/2009 at Gouripur , Comilla, Bangladesh with a view to providing high quality knowledge in every branch of education. The school is a premier English medium educational institution affiliated with the board of intermediate and secondary education ,Comilla . The School imparts education without any distinction of caste, creed and belief. The secular credentials of the school have endeared it to all and sundry who have high regard for its discipline, scientific teaching methods, and upholding of moral values.

school school Rules

Full school uniform must be worn on the journey to and from school.

Pupils of the school should, at all times, in and out of school, act with consideration and courtesy towards others.

Irregular attendance/long absence without reasonable cause will lead to the cessation of studentship.

Early departure/leave from school is strictly subject to the prior approval of the Principal/Vice-Principal. In case of such a leave being approached a student has to be escorted from school by his/her guardian.

Pupils are not allowed to wear wristwatches upto Class VIII.
No jwellery is allowed for girls.

Pupils are not allowed to bring any article, that is costly, to the school.

Pupils are expected to bring equipment required for lessons e.g. exercise books, pens, pencils etc. All library books, materials and equipment remain school property on loan to pupils. All personal equipment must be clearly marked.

campus campus life

Voyager supports the academic and co-curricular success of all students. Normally, students spend the formal teaching day working to a timetable structured around the main disciplines - Mathematics, Languages, Humanities, Sciences and the Arts. These lessons take place in the classrooms, the laboratories or in a specialized space for subjects like Music and Drama. Additionally, students undertake fieldwork from time to time outside the School. Student Affairs offers individual support to students who need assistance succeeding within the art college environment, including consultation on medical and personal issues affecting academic performance. Generally speaking, if a student is not sure where to turn for support or information, Student Affairs is the right place to start; the office is a helpful place to ask general questions and determine what type of assistance is available. Student Affairs also coordinates the resolution of student disciplinary cases. In a typical week, the School holds at least one major assembly for the whole student body. This is led by the Head of School and usually reflects on current issues of concern to the students, whether these be world events or trends or occurrences much closer to home or indeed within the School itself. Students are encouraged to use these occasions to make their own presentations and to lead others in performance, debate or general communication.


Voyagers’s modern residential facilities provide spacious and well-defined living, sleeping, study and recreation areas for the boys. Students are paired two or sometimes three to a room and share a bathroom with their next-door neighbors. We match our students in rooms based on age and interests and while these pairings are not always immediately perfect, they provide the students with ample opportunity for immense personal growth. Faculty live in apartments within the dorm and are always available for help and guidance. The Student Council helps students to take initiative in the organization of residential events as well as providing an immediate and open forum for students to use if a question arises.

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OUR OUR Teacher

"To award outstanding achievement and to attract students of the highest caliber from around the world. Voyager is pleased to offer a number of international scholarships. Voyager is pleased to announce the availability of 5 FULL SCHOLARSHIPS covering all tuition and residential costs at Voyager for the academic year commencing in January of 2016. Students from standard six to standard ten are allowed to apply for this scholarship. For availing this scholarship candidates are required to download the scholarship application form from our website. All completed applications must be sent by email by15th November, 2015 The Scholar will have to be a full-time student to avail the scholarship. All interviews of short-listed applicants will be held on Skype by 25th November, 2015 and successful candidates will be notified by the department of admissions of The Voyager School. Once scholarships have been awarded, the Foundation nominates its scholars for admission to the School, the Head of School reserves the right to accept or reject nominations."

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